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This is the deck I have been testing before Set 4 and it is absolutely.... bananas... >3>

But seriously though, it awakens by turn 2 at the latest, dumps 7+ cards in your hand by turn two and just relentlessly assaults the opponent. Being able to untap all your apes and 3 energy at the end of your turn is honestly stupid. You can tap out for whatever you want to play and attack with 0 repercussions.

Originally I had 4 Grandpa Gohan and 4 Dyansty Goku but they never saw play and were only used as energy. I dropped them down to 2 each and put in Flute. It is extra blue in the deck, but the speed you gain from it is absolutely worth it.

What do you think, Top Tier?

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Deck seems fine. It's actually pretty similar to one I've been floating, but I dropped Flute from my own build in favor of an extra 2 Successor of Hope (to help get that turn 1 assault), and 2 Minus Kill Zone (won't have you stopping my final turn assaults). I also don't use Awakened Warrior Bardock, but I actually think it's a good move to run it.

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4 Planet Vegeta and 2 Successor have been a good ratio for me. Drawing Successor after Turn 1 just hurts though.

I actually ran Kili Zone in a version before this one and it just wasn't working out. Plus adding a third color messes with SS3's ratio.

and yeah the black Bardock is great, and he can also be searched with Planet Vegeta.

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