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Titans live action series

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I've dropped all CCGs at the moment, but I still find myself coming here to air thoughts on stuff, mainly nerd stuff like comics, shows and other games.  Today's topic is Titans, the live action series coming to DC's new streaming service based on the team of the same name with Robin, Raven, Starfire and Beast Boy.

Some of you may remember back months ago when a few set photos were leaked, showing the cast in their costumes.  The general reaction was not favorable.  Beast boy and Starfire were lacking their unnatural complexions, Raven seemed more "timid goth" than dark sorceress and Starfire's attire was...less than flattering.  But the push back was "well, maybe they were just in partial garb and the final product will be different, let's wait for something official and give it a chance."

Well, it looks like the official trailer just dropped.  The news is not good.  The news plays it off as Robin is having a tantrum about Batman (using a witty and poignant "Fuck Batman" to prove just how grown up and mature this show really is *sarcasm detected*) and teams up with a timid and afraid Raven and....somehow they join up with Beast Boy and Starfire (the trailer focuses mostly on Robin and Raven).  Hawk and Dove show up at some point and for some reason all of the heroes, Robin included, are actively killing criminals, even petty ones.

So yeah, all this "I'm going to be edgelord for the sake of being edgelord" coupled with the fact that DC is trying to launch this as the flagship title for their own streaming service just tells me it, like the few carjackers that Robin encounters, is going to be DOA.

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A few points:

1. Dick saying Fuck Batman has precedence. Dick and Bruce have been at odds with each other multiple times throughout the history of the franchise in multiple mediums. There are about a decade's worth of comics to support this behavior (the Renegade run) and Dick even punches Bruce in The Animated Series. And don't pretend if they could get away with dropping an F Bomb in other mediums that they wouldn't have done so already. Everyone has said "Fuck You Dad" at one point in their life and this is just that.

2. Robin does not kill anyone. Nobody gets shot in the alley, the fact everyone is saying that blows my mind. Dick is pushing the gun away and it is firing off randomly. It is abundantly clear nobody is getting shot. Second, the neck step. Yes, he stepped on the guy's neck, but that doesn't mean he is dead. Let us not forget the levels of sometimes Looney Tunes esque murder in all of the Batman films (yes even pre BvS). Michael Keaton literally shoves dynamite down a guy's pants and kicks him through a window. Don't get me started on that with the Arkham games either.

3. In an interview with the actor playing Robin at SDCC he says that Robin is acting tougher than he really is. Which you can tell with his delivery of the line. It is shaky and unconfident, like a kid saying it who is afraid his Dad is standing right behind him and he may hear him and get in trouble.

4. Raven is not being "timid" she is asking for help. Big difference. She is a scared kid, and accurate to other portrayals of Raven.

5. Between Teen Titans Go, the original Teen Titans cartoon, and now Titans (also notice how the "Teen" is dropped from the title) we have these characters represented in every tone possible across the spectrum. If you like completely innocent, silly nonsense you have TTG. If you like something in the middle you have Teen Titans, and if you like something darker you have Titans. If you don't like it, you have something else out there to support your specific versions of these characters.

6. There are 4 other original shows coming to DC Universe that will span the spectrum of tone and genre. Not every show is going to be Titans.

Those are my feelings anyhow. We have seen these characters more or less the same for literally decades, I am at least interested in seeing something different. It may end up sucking, but I am not going to dismiss it right away.

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@sh0ryu_repp4 To be honest, that 5th point of the different renditions of Teen Titans feels like kind of an aside considering that TTG took over for Teen Titans. So anyone wanting new content that fits into that middle ground is kind of just left with an old Cartoon with a large number of plotlines that never fully wrap up (THE FUCK WAS UP WITH RED X, AND WHY IS SLADE LIKE HALFWAY BACK?), or looking to very specific collections of the Silver Age comics that have roughly the same tone?

Personally, I'm not going to dismiss this show out of hand. I like Flash, I enjoyed the first 2 seasons of Arrow, and I think Supergirl is fine. I respect that it's kind of separate from those, but there's a good track record of DC series doing relatively well. Probably because DC heroes fit much more into a "villain of the week" set-up than their counterparts do.

As for the comment regarding Dick and Batman; I think this is just tried out now. My issue with this isn't the "Fuck Batman", but that this is being a focal point AGAIN. It feels like it's almost become Dick Greyson's origin story at this point across all the adaptations, and as a long-standing Nightwing fan, I just find it rather suffocating. I think we got Young Justice (in recent memory) that didn't hammer this home while also featuring Dick Greyson as a central focus. Maybe that Harley Quinn movie, but it was kind of a thing even there.
It was a major, pivotal moment in his life, but it wasn't the defining thing that made Dick who he is as a person. And I'm about as done with it as I am done with Batman origin stories at this point. My only hope is that this isn't too central a focus with Robin, and that we get to see a bit more of Dick's character.

All of the above said, this being part of a new DC streaming service pretty much promises that I won't engage with it. I don't have too many issues with the idea of streaming services, but it has started to get out of hand for me and I've not seen anything that gives me confidence or fills me with excitement.

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