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Green Super Mira

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Long story short, my friend and I were losing interest in the Dragon Ball Super card game awhile ago (first with Mecha Frieza, and then again with the SS3 Goku abuse), and we hit a point of wanting to give up the game. Before we did so, we made a list of Leader match-ups we wanted to play out, and one of those was Super Mira VS Final Form Mira (who we affectionately call Darkness Mira).

This was the deck I ended up building for that match-up (and oh my, there is so much wrong with it).

Leader: Mira/Dark Warrior Mira

Battle Cards:
4 Newfound Power Son Gohan
4 Dr Gero, Evil's Inventor
4 Combination Attack, Android 14
4 Encroaching Terror, Android 19
4 Terror Scythe, Goku Black
3 Son Goku (Green)

4 Supreme Kai of Time, World's Protector (Super Combo)
4 Gravy, in Demigra's Thrall
2 Supreme Kai of Time, Continuity Keeper
4 Dimension Support, Trunks
3 Relentless Destruction, Mira
3 Trunks, Power Overseeing Time
3 Invasive Power, Mira

Extra Cards:
4 Dark Kamehameha

I want to say that I 100% went into that match-up expecting to get utterly destroyed with the power creep on Dark Over Realm, so I didn't spend nearly as much time as I probably should've building the deck. It was mostly made for a bit of a back and forth and laughs, hence why I threw in Dimension Support Trunks and what not.

To my surprise, the deck had different ideas, and I ended up sealing the win in all 3 games around 5-6 turns in.

Honestly, I think this was just the discrepancy between non-conditional, constant Critical and Darkness Mira's Drop Area refresh. I also opened almost all 3 games with Newfound Power, Son Gohan and Dimension Support, Trunks, so I had a LOT of critical on the board early.

But regardless, I've been bored out of my mind lately, and I thought I'd share the deck on here to see if anyone has any thoughts on it, or if anyone else has been doing Leader matches.

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