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Dynamic Broly

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Here is my Dynamic Broly list


Visiting the Past x2

Tree of Might x1

Saiyan Menace x1

Saiyan Targeting x1


Unleashed x3

Villainous Energy Sphere x2

Time is a Warrior's Tool x1

Saiyan Rescue x1

Saiyan Strength Test x1


Broly's Face Crusher x3

I'll Dig your Grave! x3

Wall Breaker x2

Devastating Blow x2

Android Arm Breaker x2

Suppressive Strike x2

Saiyan Legendary Strike x3

Saiyan Severing Punch x3

Saiyan Spin Kick x3

Saiyan Body Blow x2

Saiyan Backbreaker x2

Saiyan Face Off x2


Saiyan Domination x2

Saiyan Tantrum x1

Saiyan Tracking Blast x1


Saiyan Outrage x3

Saiyan Parry x2

Saiyan Arm Catch x2

Saiyan Crouch x2

Saiyan Energy Deflection x2


I posted this here because I don't like how many "2-ofs" I am running because as a Broly deck you need to have a strong direction that you kinda commit to. I'll quickly list my answers to each deck type to review if I have my bases covered:

Anti-unleashed tech: Severing Punch, Armbreaker, Sphere, Backbreaker, Dominations.

Anti-mppv tech: Wallbreaker, Devastating Blow, Legendary Strike, Spin Kick, Severing Punch, Tantrum

Anti-Ally tech: Spin Kick, Eraser Cannon, Broly lv3, Menace, Legendary Strike, Tantrum.

Anti-control: Domination, Sphere, Suppressive Strike, Face Off.

Anti-drill: Broly lv2, Eraser Cannon, Saiyan Targeting.

This normally not the mindset I would have when building a Saiyan Broly deck, where I have tech for each situation. This is perhaps an exercise in how to efficiently cover all of your bases without gimping your own beat-down engine. At the end of the day this can just lose to a "real broly deck". Here are a few thoughts:

Visiting the Past instead of Saiyan Crunch: Crunch is in principle better for Broly because its an attack. The problem with Crunch for me is that it needs to hit, and I have to have 10 cards in my discard pile, meaning I will be lucky if I can use it in the mid-game. VTP can grab any card but for me to place it in play could mean I don't enter combat which is less than ideal (it should be used aggressively mind you).

No Tug of War: I am on the fence but Tug covers two bases (MPPV and Ally). My plan for ally decks is to land a wombo combo where I level them up with Dig so that all the allies lose 7s. While this plan is explosive and great if it happens, it cannot be my only answer. I run a single menace because this effectively does that same thing with Rescue.  The thing is these ally decks build a board fast, so I am running the crit cards, the spin kicks. Do I still need Tug of War? There are games where I wish I was still running it. A single Saiyan Destruction Blast can't justify itself if my opponent has already used Blue Training or as Torbi/Buu in play.

Saiyan Targetting instead of Combination Drill: This is a card that is often overlooked because it gets banished when you level but so does combination drill. I can justify camping on lv2 in order to address some drill shenanigans. Especially with this obnoxious combo of Orange Attraction Drill and Orange Focusing drill. Orange Destruction is not limit 1 per deck or banish after use and as a result it is a very viable win condition that needs to be kept in mind. This card is my only answer to this kind of deck (especially with F. Gohan). Considering to add Saiyan Dive to help  Broly's Eraser Cannon and his lv2.

Saiyan Body Blow: While usually a mediocre card for me, I think I have overlooked how much utility it truly provides. Getting out Targeting or Strength Test early is game-winning. 

Saiyan Face Off: I have replaced Staredown with this card, and I think it has been the right choice. Its also my only answer to Black Defensive Burst. I only run 4 physical blocks which might be too low. One answer this deck had in the past was skipping and getting all my attacks out first the true broly way. I had pregame, gut kick, Sword skill but I can't find room for these shenanigans anymore. Maybe replace the VTP's for Saiyan Pregame and Saiyan Sword skill...

No Saiyan Grab: I love the card but it benefits the mischief out there, and doesn't have utility or Endurance. 


....Enough Rambling, what tweaks would you consider? I have a Dynamic Broly deck with the exact opposite mentality. Its MPPV/survival, no unleashed, with very little tech and runs at your opponent's face each turn. Its actually just as good...

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Just a quick note. You mentioned Brolys eraser cannon but it isn't on your list, so I'm assuming the final 3 cards (counted 57) are them. You have 15 Saiyan physical attacks in the deck, so Brolys face crusher might be a hit or miss on drawing an extra attack with so many freestyle physicals. I would also look into Saiyan smack instead of Saiyan menace and tantrum as it immediately drops your opponent's allies 2 stages and a further 4 more (including their mp) if it hits.

Drop tree of might, Saiyan targeting, and Saiyan body blow as 3 of your 4 levels add damage to your physicals, you have enough attach cards for unleashed and outrage, and makes more room for Saiyan physical attacks. Maybe throw in one more sphere as being unleashed against is a big threat along with infinity more events decks are running more of.

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Yes you are correct the last 3 cards are eraser cannons.

Saiyan Smack is an amazing card, 2 will go straight into the deck. Tree is out, Sword Skill is in. I can’t let go of the one menace but targeting will be removed since body blow is out as well.

-1 Tree

-2 Body Blow

-1 Tantrum

-1 Targetting

+1 Sword Skill

+2 Elbow Drop

+2 Smack


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