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Decks & Stories Post-Escalation

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So with the Tournament of Power out of the way, and the new CRD dropped, I think we've just about seen this next meta settle into what will be going forward. At least, not accounting for further edits to the CRD. Unfortunately, with that token, my play group has pretty much put the game on hold (mostly because of the commute), and I'm getting gradually more starved to hear about the game.

That in mind, I was hoping to put it to you guys to share whatever fun stories you have about the game. What kind of decks are you playing to freshen things up? What noteworthy decks are you versing?

Hell, would anyone want to share a play-by-play of a match they found especially stimulating? Preferably not the full thing, but a couple of crucial moments would be badass to hear about. Even from before Escalation dropped.

To throw my own hat in the ring, the last play session I had with my group saw me trying out an updated Blue Cell Mill deck. Never having played Cell Mill before, I actually found the deck kind of... Meh. Not that it wasn't strong, but that it wasn't the most engaging to play when I mostly performed the same 3-4 actions turn-in, turn-out. Effective, even when dealing with Broly or Gohan, but also straight-forward and simple.
But it did give me the idea to make a more attack focused Blue Cell Ally deck, instead filling it with as many Allies with Attack Powers as possible. We're talking the full Android set-up, a couple of Cell Jrs, Jeice, Recoome, Bardock, a Saibaman, just weird allies that had no business in a Cell deck like Spopovich. Honestly, the deck did not take full advantage of Cell's Powers and I doubt it could do anything competitively, but in combination with his Level 2 dropping him to 0 Power Stages, it would often pull turns where I just kept swinging for a solid 6-7 attacks where Jeice, Recoome, A17, A13, Bardock and King Cold would keep it up while I nursed the odd attack to throw in there at the end and maybe pull another Ally out (the rule being; If the attack grabbed an Ally, I put it in the deck). Of course, throw in a Tora and Cell Jr. Escaping for a bit of extra guaranteed damage every turn, but by no means was that the focus.

The deck was terrible, made in about 10 minutes while others played because I wasn't enjoying myself, and is basically Swiss cheese with how many holes it has. But I god damn loved how much fun it was to just throw shit at the wall. Honestly, the entire thing got me excited to try out a Saiba-Nappa deck, but alas, that day will never come.

But for a story: The best moment with the deck came while versing a mate with Dynamic Broly. After a few turns of him mostly taking an arse-kicking from the sheer number of attacks getting thrown at him, he finally reaches Level 4 and banished my entire board. About 8 allies gone in that one moment, a glorious picture of devastation. Of course, I immediately reply with a Blue Stylish Pose and grab back a Guldo (my hand lacked any Blocks). He swings with Broly's Face Crusher, and I stop it. I throw out a Blue Clash, hit for the 2 stages and 10 life cards, and not knowing what else to grab, pull out a Jeice to try and push game as well as I can (he only has maybe 5 cards left at this point).

But to no avail. He's played me for the fool, and throws out a Saiyan's Destructive Blast. My board disappears again, and the game is all but sealed. I await my inevitable demise, with all my big plays exhausted and no blocks in hand.

Anyone else up to share?

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I have been playing Red style mostly. Ascension Yamcha “anger resource” with the Unleashed/trailing blast package. I’m also toying with ruthless Drawku hybrid beats but I’m not a believer in the deck.

Oppressive Future Gohan and Enlightened/Radiant Piccolo are on my “to do” list when I can muster some motivation.

With the ToP deck lists released, I have to say I like/respect the Tag Vegeta deck the most.

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I’ve got a pretty good story. This may reveal my identity haha. I had time for 1 game Thursday night before bed. Got on OCTGN to play my buddy. He loads up Amp Drawku. I hate this freaking deck he knows it. He taunts me before revealing it saying “It’s gonna be hard for you to win.”


I load Knowledge Cell. A deck I haven’t lost with for 2 weeks now. Red Energy is a bad matchup for my deck. Trapped is your only way to mitigate the damage attack after attack and drawku level 1 handles the -1 from Trapped.


He wins the roll and enters without thinking about it. I search trapped and draw my cards. Chest Explosion, Ball 2, and Unleashed. Sweet. His deck just goes off. He used Static 3 times. Left Bolt. Just laying the beats on me. He ends combat on 2 with 3 anger. I’m level 2. After I drew my 3 cards the score is 18(me) to 50. I draw Ball 7, Ginyu, and Stare Down. I held Ball 2 obviously. Play both balls, he’s level 1 again, ball 7 top decks Time, Hybrid, and Chest Explosion. Mill a ton with Whack attached. Didn’t hit a Reverse!

We pass a few times. I’m holding Time, he’s waiting for an answer. I stalled him out with this alone. He never saw his answers. At one point i draw 3 Dragon Balls. I’m milling the hell out of him with Tora + Whack. They’re banishing his Tandems, Combined Blasts, Spheres, and Confros. We entered a combat where I stare down’d him and he drew dead. Leveled to 3 and continued to hold my time.

Game ends with me drawing the last 2 balls when I could have entered and just threw my level 3 power to win by survival anyway. 


He was pretty mad. I random banished all his answers to time. He never drew what he needed and just lost. His deck runs so many answers too. Over 10. Sorry man lol.

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I've got two from PanZ. The first one being when I faced against Sundeep in a Regional event. He had already won a Regional and for the most part I think he was just fooling around with deck ideas. It was a fun but oppressive, in his favor, match. But he saved my but from disqualification and he didn't have to. From my experience him and Tim Batow are both upstanding opponents to go against. 

The second memory was building a deck with Shoryu. We messaged back and forth for some time and honed our Blue Gohans to what I would call near perfection.

I guess there was that time my Red Roshi went against a Black Roshi and I won without a single combat happening. That was fun. 

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