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The DBZ-TCG Format and Other IPs

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First off, where the heck IS everyone?
Alright, moving on.

Having gotten back into DBSuper's TCG at the site's prompt, it's hit me once again that they have unconsciously limited the lifespan of the game to only as long as the Dragon Ball IP will carry it. Some people won't see this as a problem, or an issue, especially when there's still so much to be done, but what I'm digging at there is that there is nothing in the game's mechanics, gameplay, or frankly anything else that MAKE it a Dragon Ball game. It is, for all intents, just a fairly bare TCG frame that can be used for pretty much any IP.

This is something I've brought up before, of course, so nothing new. But that got me wondering what other IPs would interact really well with Pan-Z's update to the Score game model? And I want to be clear, I want to find ones that would work both in terms of flavor, and in terms of fitting the model. In theory, you could probably force any IP to work with the game, but a lot of them would come out feeling... Dull, imo.
The big one for me so far though is;
Hands down my favorite one, and the one I think would almost straight-up just port into the Pan-Z model. Also the main one that I'd actually want. The MP-Levels easily correspond to the Digimon-life cycle, you can change Drills out to Tamers or have Tamers function the same way Sensei decks of old did, Crests could be used as Element-Specific versions of Kaioken/Unleashed that forsake the MPPV equivalent, find a way to break up the Crest of Miracles/Destiny into multiple pieces for a DBV-equivalant and so on. As for Ultras/Fusions, you could easily slot them in as either alternative Level 4s who give up MPPV, or have them be a boosted Level 5 that you get through a card like Gohan's Backlash.

MP stacks would probably be the most difficult, depending on if you want to follow evolutionary lines, or specific Digimon from the series. With the former, it's pretty easy to fit in a Pokemon-esque box in the corner that says "Evolves From," and let people build their own stacks. Alternatively, have a Tamer's image in the corner, and make that dictate your stack (which seems mighty boring to me).

Of course, it's also worth mentioning:

The obvious one, and kind of what we had hopes for MetaX (at least, I think). Honestly, I don't actually know how well Comic-Universes would naturally fit into the PanZ Model. Rather, I think you'd need to make some edits; The big one being to change the "Power Level" to "Tiers of Strength" since there's such a unimaginable difference between Superman and Batman. Either scrap the MP-Levels (since transformations are incredibly rare in DC), or remodel it to focus on "experience and time" as the flavor (even changing out Anger for Experience). Make it so instead of MPPV, you can get wins by Intimidation, and scrap the Dragon Balls/DBV (in favor of Infinity Gems/Stones on Marvel, no idea what you could change it for in DC). It's almost entirely flavor, but it feels weirdly important to me.
Most Shonen Properties:
Don't want to talk about this one at length, since it feels self-evident. If you guys wanna explore it though, go for gold. The big ones obviously all work (Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, MHA).

I also think IPs like Megaman (specifically Battle Network) could work within this model with some minor changes here and there.

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There were so many flaws with Pan Z's update to the Score model in regards to the Dragon Ball IP that most of the issues seemed to have been corrected in the Dragon Ball Super CCG. It might not have the same feel to it given the absence of a uniqueness rule for characters, but the "color pie / wheel" is A LOT more balanced compared to how it was in Pan Z / Score Z where certain Styles were more dominant than others. It's as If the R&D team for Pan Z copied and pasted everything from Score Z without learning anything from the game's past mistakes leading up to the level of power creep we saw in GT.

Had Pan Z kept going into Dragon Ball Super without relinquishing the license to Bandai, the game would've gotten about as worse as Fan Z has. There would still be morale within the existing community despite the PR suicide that RetroDBZCCG helped create, but given people's grievances with the Dragon Ball Super anime/manga as of late I'm not sure If they'd stick around for very long. I think what's helped the Dragon Ball Super CCG succeed compared to it's predecessor is that the learning curve is simple enough to where turn sequences aren't as complicated for beginners or for Pan Z / Score Z veterans who don't want to sit for hours on end to resolve one game.

You might say that it takes a lot of skill away from the game when all it does is help further enhance the experience. As for other IP's that could greatly benefit from the Pan Z update to the Score model, the closest one I could possibly think of is similar to that Fighting Game off-shoot that Score released nearly two decades ago with Epic Battles featuring Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter that was later discontinued due to being a Blockbuster exclusive. Other than that I don't think there's very many IP's that could work the same way Pan Z's update to the Score model was for Dragon Ball. It was just THAT unique for it's time.

By the way, Upper Deck already beat you to Marvel / DC with the Vs. System TCG being the better model over the Pan Z / Score model.

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On 11/21/2018 at 5:10 AM, Card Slinger J said:

 It's as If the R&D team for Pan Z copied and pasted everything from Score Z without learning anything from the game's past mistakes leading up to the level of power creep we saw in GT.

I honestly think these FanZ sets have been a lot more balanced for the end of PanZ's lifespan than the end of PanZ's lifespan was compared to set 1 staples.  I don't think power creep has hit FanZ that hard, and when I look at the newest set I see cards with very bold mechanical differences that make you question whether or not to run them.

Also, Hot Take: Steven Universe would work on the Score/PanZ engine better than most comic universes.  That, and any video game IP with an extensive form-change/equipment/power-up gimmick.  Like Mario's power-up suits could make excellent MP levels.

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