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I figured I'd make this thread since several cards from the upcoming set have been shown now, and I figured it could be fun to talk about.

Namely, we have new Broly levels and Bojack finally has an MP.
Now, I'm not going to bother doing a full breakdown of either stack. There are plenty of those online already, and honestly, they are both very straight forward stacks that don't really require big breakdowns. But I do kind of want to explore the biggest positive I see in the new Broly levels; The ability to somehow restrict the old Broly stack.

I know a lot of people would rebel against the idea, and just be incensed by the idea, especially since I don't think Broly has been performing THAT well in recent competitive scenes. But honestly, I'm just glad that it's even an OPTION now since previously, there was no way to restrict him without making the MP entirely unplayable. Now, if there is another big shift in the meta, and he starts to dominate entirely, they can emergency restrict one of his levels or something, and use that as a short-term fix while they work up to a newer fix.

That said, it's also kind of cool that we now have Energy Beats Broly. I don't really think his new stack is quite as overwhelming as his classic stack, but I like it's synergy with Rampaging Mastery and the ability to almost just skip to level 3/4 off of a single decent combat. His first level comes across as serving the same function as Awakening Trunks(?), and his search on Level 2 basically gives you his 3 so long as you have ANY +2 anger card in hand already. That said, I could easily see this getting overwhelming/broken depending on what other cards come in this set.

Bojack is considerably more boring, which I actually find surprising (at least, personally). I straight up think he's the entire Blue Style wrapped up neatly in a single MP, and considering that I main Blue and love Bojack, that feels like it's a love letter. But he's just not interesting to me? Anger control is neat, Level controlling is neat, his Setup and Ally aren't bad by any means, but he doesn't really capture me. I'll still give him a shot (probably on OCTGN), but he's TOO Blue in the same way that Bardock was... Well, yeah.
Like, Blue thematically has Allies and Setups. He has that. It thematically has some anger control, both supporting their own, and lowering the opponent's. He has that. Blue has some controlled Rejuv. He has that. Blue has board control (Betrayal and co.). HE HAS THAT.
It could be cool to have these Blue themes in the other colors, but he feels like a checklist. |:

What do you guys think so far?
Also, hoping for/looking forward to a new Gohan stack personally.

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While Bojack’s synergy with Malicious Intent and Resolute Mastery are obvious, I don’t actually think he needs Blue style to thrive. His engine synergizes with blue, sure, but I believe he can easily thrive in other styles. I hope to see him Red but I anticipate seeing him in Black/Orange for sure. He is pretty cool because he will be the best MP to tutor stuff from his discard to his hand.

Broly is of course interesting. He will replace Raditz as the “Saiyan Menace MP” and he will also be able to effectively tutor anything from discard with Saiyan Rescue and his lv3 power. I expect to see him in hybrid beats, but not pure energy beats. 

It will certainly incentivize discard pile hate again. My Devastating Blows will pretty much go back in my deck at this point. 

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I think you somewhat missed what I was saying on Bojack there xD I don't think he needs Blue by any means, I just find his design boring as it hits all the same points as Blue to a T. If you make a list of things Blue does, and a list of things Bojack does, they'd just about be identical.

Now that you bring up Discard Hate as an anti-Broly though, it does make me curious if this means that Majin Vegeta will continue as he has been, and if he will exist as a hard-counter to Broly.

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Ah, might have misunderstood you then.

But I will say the more interesting thing about Bojack is the “Malicious Intent” card that he will be able to capitalize best on.

My gut-feeling is the new Broly can’t compete with how relevant M Vegeta is, but dynamic Broly will have saiyan menaces coming right out of the gate.

If better tech comes out aganst level hop, or if ally mill gets stronger, then maybe Broly can compete. That’s my uneducated guess.

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