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I am incredibly interested in that Tao deck. Please keep me updated and post on that one xD
In regards to your Black Mischevious Build, have you tried out Krillin? Just, spring-boarding off of what I think your Roshi build was, I feel like the newer Krillin MP might actually be able to do the same thing, but a touch better. Plus, access to 18 Ally and helpful techs in his named cards could really push things along.

I also find it kind of interesting that we're both struggling with the exact same decks |: If you can come up with any techs to really help out, shoot them my way.

Honestly, I'm pretty happy with where I've gotten Tien at for now. I think I'm going to change gears and try out a similar build with a different MP before coming back and giving him another go. Honestly, the next most obvious MP for the Charge engine is easily a Stage-Beats Gohan deck since I can take full advantage of Adept that way and I can just throw out Orange  Luxury from the Sword Chop search to net an extra action, and I'll probably throw in . It's not quite as destructive as Tien, and honestly, I think it's a lazy af build, but it's a good way to get a feel for how the engine plays with other MPs. Besides Gohan (and Drawku), I'm thinking there could be something interesting with Bardock? It's honestly kind of hard to say since I want an MP with a good named event to play around with. Heck, maybe even Cooler or Frieza could rock it...? Hrm.

Elsewhere, I'm kind of washing my hands of Boujack. |: Honestly, I find him to be one of the most boring MPs I've ever played. There's nothing really wrong with him per se, but I just can't find a build with him that I enjoy playing. He's just too... Blue? Which is weird, because I normally love Ally MPs (Babidi, Cell, Broku, etc.), but I'm just so done with Bojack from the get-go. Maybe it's because he doesn't really bring anything new to the table? Or maybe I've just played that deck type too much?

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Only got two games in with Tao last night, but  were against Majin Vegeta and Broly who is one of my expected bad match ups. Can't remember which match was which, but completely took the first game by surprise. Unleashed up to 3 early in the game, got a dodon ray attached with double android programming. It was a brutal game for the opponent. 

Second game didn't go quite so well. Lost all 3 unleashed in the first 9 cards of the deck (including my opening 3 card draw), failed to get dodon ray or black capture to stick all game, only got off level 1 in the later stages of the game and never got above level 2, ended up getting stuck in a couple of bad combats and STILL managed to get the opponent down to 8 cards left. Literally everything that could go wrong felt like it went wrong, none of my standard win conditions went through and still bringing it to a close game gives me a ton of hope for the deck.

To your point about krillin over roshi, krillin is a strong deck but didn't bring quite what I was looking for when I did the swap to Roshi. I wanted the out of combat mill with all the cards that banished discard pile at the beginning of a turn causing mills from Roshi's ability which would then allow for top decking outside of combat. Krillin is better in combat, but has no way to trigger out of combat top decking with absorption drill.


Orange Frieza is a monster of a deck, and getting Frieza's arrogance consistently to get your allies out plus making your nova unpreventable can truly be a game changer. 


The biggest reason I want Bojack to work is he has level changing in his kit with the galactic buster, has board removal with his named card, has anti anger on most levels, has more ways to make his damage unpreventable or use the same card to generate card draw so you can extend combats. He has all the hallmarks of a good MP... Or at least that's how I feel about him. lol

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