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Tier List and Latest Meta Balance

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What's everyone think of the latest metagame? I find it mostly balanced compared to past environments but there is one glaring deck that is above the rest - Broly swap. While there are answers to the combo, it's very hard to deal with, and one has to consider a significant amount to their deck to combat it. Even if you do, they still may catch you quickly. Here's what I consider the top decks (let me know if I missed something):

Tier 0.5
Broly Swap

Tier 1
Jenemba Mill (it really should be lower, but people just don't know how to play against it, and it keeps doing well)
Shenron Gogeta (inevitability puts this ahead of most decks - it just has a god awful matchup against Broly Swap) 

Tier 1.5
Shenron 15K
Broly Veggies (sideboard games this deck drops significantly - expect it to shine in Bo1)

Tier 2
Red Frieza (R/Y, or R/B)
Shenron Hand Control (some of these decks just kill you too fast or can recoup from the hand destruction)
Pan (R or R/B - horrible Shenron Gogeta Matchup)

Tier 2.5
Soul Striker Goku (if you can deal with Borgos easily, consistently, and early, this deck can really shine)
Super 17 (Preemptive Strike can slow decks down - inevitability can destroy their hand, but it can get caught)
Clash of Fates Goku (Preemptive Strike, again, can slow some decks down - the deck can also build a solid defensive board early)

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Yeah, I kind of agree after getting back into watching the tournament circuits. About the only thing I'd like to throw out there is that Swap!Hirudegarn most likely deserves a mention in the Tier 1/2 area, and the presence of the Blue Dende Leader likely forces Blue Gogeta/Kid Buu right up to the top of the charts.

That said, I think just about any Swap/Disruption deck is probably tier 1. Well, Goku's Lineage Swap. Frieza Swap just doesn't have the cards to really place at all.

I am also curious about Super Shenron as a leader, and if he'll start to see more play over time as it does deal with one of the biggest issues facing Shenron decks and hard-counters the Janemba match-up. And honestly, I think we're moving towards A Child's Wish getting restricted in some way, just because it makes too many otherwise "okay" engines completely unreasonable (Kid Buu, Super 17, Cell, etc.) and it's too universally good for Shenron decks.
I wish I could say I see Swap getting hit, but tbh, I don't.

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