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Need these DBZ Score Foils.

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Looking for Frieza through Cell Saga foils for my collection. Here is the list I need. 



DBZ Foils I need


Frieza Saga (Common)-


1 Orange Planet Destruction

2 Orange Kamehema Attack

4 Red Energy Suspension

5 Red Energy Disk

6 Red Energy Disk Blasting

8 Recoome Boom

12 Saiyan Energy Focus

17 Vegeta’s Jolting Slash

20 Straining Floating Attack Move

21 Straining Blasting Move

22 Straining Energy Move

27 Orange Thumbs Up

30 Time Is A Warrior’s Tool

34 Saiyan Planet Explosion


Frieza Saga (Uncommon)-


37 Jeice Lv1

38 Dodoria LV1

40 Yamcha LV3

41 Chi-Chi LV2

45 Guldo LV1

46 Guldo LV2

49 Frieza Smiles

51 Jeice Shouts

55 Guldo’s Time Freeze Drill

63 Yajirobe’s Gifting Drill

65 Red Energy Defense Drill

66 Blue Mental Drill

67 Orange Destruction Drill

69 Red Phasing Drill

70 Blue Allies Drill

72 Black Energy Stamina Drill

73 Red Implosion Drill

74 Captain Ginyu Reversal Drill

75 Jeice’s Style Drill

76 Vegeta Getting Bashed Drill

77 Dende Healing Drill

78 Gohan Anger Drill

80 Black Erasing Drill

81 Krillin’s Power Block

82 Black Standing Position

85 Straining Outburst Move

86 Straining Neck Move

87 Krillin’s Concentration

88 Hero Enraged!


Frieza Saga (Rare)-


89 Vegeta On Namek LV4

90 Krillin On Namek LV4

91 Nappa Restored LV4

92 Raditz Restored LV4

93 Goku On Namek LV4

94 Piccolo LV4

95 Gohan LV4

96 Nail the Namekian LV1

98 Blue Stance

99 Blue Energy Outburst

102 Villain’s Teamwork Drill

105 Dende’s Help

106 Goku’s Super Saiyan Blast!

107 Piccolo’s Wisdom

108 Yamcha’s Good Wishes

109 Captain Giny’s Sacrifice

110 Nail the Namekian Hero

111 Krillin’s Power Tap

117 Nail Inspired LV2

120 Bulma’s Scouter

121 This Too Shall Pass

122 Focusing Is Everything

123 Red Foot Jolt


Frieza Sage (Ultra Rares)-


125 Super Saiyan Goku LV4


Preview 3- No, Really Drill?

Preview 5- The Luck of Trunks


Frieza Saga Promos-


P8 Goku’s Good Swift Kick

P9 Red Blocking Hand

P11 Vegeta’s Lunge

P12 Frieza LV1

P13 Garlic Jr Lv1

P14 Trunks LV1

P15 Captain Ginyu Lv1

P17 Vinigar Lv1


Trunks Saga (Common)-


6 Straining Outburst Move

7 Namekian Glare Attack

8 Namekian Braced Attack

14 Orange Energy Blast

17 Black Defensive Aura

18 Black Flying Kick

22 Red Blazing Aura

24 Red Energy Shield

25 Namek Dragon Ball 1

27 Spice Prepares an Energy Blast

28 Vinegar has Plans

30 Black Water Confusion Drill

35 Krillin Takes a Shot

37 King Cold Smiles

40 Tien’s Ready


Trunks Saga (Uncommon)

50 Saiyan Knee Strike

52 Namekian Fighting

59 Frieza is Ready

63 Red Shattering Leap

64 Gohan’s Quest

71 Orange Special Beam Cannon Drill

72 Black Energy Web

77 Red Energy Blast

80 Namek Dragon Ball 4

84 Trunks Energy Sphere

87 Trunks Sword Position 1

91 Expectant Trunks

99 Trunks Swiftly Moving

100 Frieza, the Revived LV4

101 Garlic Jr. the Void Master LV4

104 Jeice with Style LV2

106 Captain Ginyu Lv1

107 Captain Ginyu LV2


Trunks Saga (Rare)-


114 Namek Dragon Ball 7

118 What Was I Thinking?

119 Hero’s Lucky Break

125 Don’t you just Hate That?

128 Gohan Spots the Imposter Drill

129 Piccolo and Heroes Gather

130 Krillin’s Heat Seeking Blast

135 Namek Dragon Ball Wish

136 Namek Dragon Ball 5

137 Nail Combat Drill

143 Red King Cold Observation

145 Black Style Mastery

146 Orange Style Mastery

148 Saiyan Style Mastery

151 Vegeta, Saiyan Prince LV4

152 Gohan Empowered LV4

153 Piccolo Enraged Lv4

154 Krillin Lv1 (Limited)

155 Krillin Enraged Lv2


Trunks Saga (Ultra-Rare)


157 Where There’s Life There’s Hope

158 Villain’s True Power

159 Goku, the Unbeatable LV4

160 King Cold, the All Powerful Lv4


Trunks Saga (Personality) (Non-Reforged)


164 Goku, the Leader Lv1

165 Goku, the Defender Lv2

166 Goku, the Protector Lv3

167 Piccolo, the Avenger Lv1

168 Piccolo, Revived Lv2

169 Piccolo, the Hero Lv3

170 Gohan, the Furious Lv1

171 Gohan, the Fighter Lv2

172 Gohan, the Warrior Lv3

173 Vegeta, the Determined Lv1

174 Vegeta, the Powerful Lv2

175 Vegeta, in Training Lv3

176 Garlic Jr. Lv1

177 Garlic Jr. the Master Lv2

178 Garlic Jr. the Monster Lv3

179 Spice Lv1

180 Spice, the Leader Lv2

181 Spice, the Warrior Lv3

185 Trunks Lv1

186 Trunks, the Swordsman Lv2

187 Super Saiyan Trunks Lv3

192 Goku Lv2 HT

193 Piccolo Lv2 HT

194 Gohan Lv2 HT

195 Vegeta Lv2 HT

196 Garlic Jr. the Merciless Lv2 HT

197 Spice, the Enchanter Lv2 HT

199 Trunks, the Saiyan Lv2 HT


Trunks Saga (Preview)

Preview 1 Android 20 Absorbing Drill

Preview 5 Too Late

Preview 6 Trunks Finds the Answer


Trunks Saga (Promo) (Non-Reforged)


P3 Concentration Drill

P5 Tien Stands Ready

P8 Trunks Power Strike

P9 Surprise

P10 Showdown

R9 Cell Stage One Lv1

R10 Cell LV2


Android Saga (Common)


3 Android 19's Body Slam

4 Android 19’s Energy Burst

13 Blue Defensive Flight

15 Blue Foot Smash

16 Blue Idea Limited

22 Namekian Defensive Stance

24 Namekian Dodging Technique

26 Namekian Wrist Grab

27 Orange Fist Catch

28 Orange Palm Blast

31 Red Energy Charge

35 Saiyan Glare

36 Saiyan Inspection




39 Android 20’s Energy Dive

41 Android 20's Search Pattern

42 Android Attack Drill

44 Master Roshi's Island

52 Black Side Thrust

53 Black Studying Drill

54 Blue Betrayal

56 Blue Right Cross

60 Goku's Training

61 Namekian Elbow Smash

63 Namekian Focusing Effort

64 Namekian Forearm Slash

69 Orange Power Beam

71 Orange Sword Slash

80 Saiyan Wrist Block

81 Saiyan Destiny

82 Senzu Effect

84 Straining Jump Kick Move




89 Android 17 Smirks

92 City in Turmoil

93 Winter Countryside

97 Black Mischievous Drill

98 Black Scout Maneuver

99 Blue Terror

101 Knockout Drill

104 Orange Eye Beam

111 Saiyan Lightning Dodge

119 Piccolo LV1

121 Vegeta LV1


Ultra Rares-


124 The Hero Is Down

125 Trunks Guardian Drill




C1 Cell Smiles

C2 Cell's Dark Attack

C4 Cell's Defense

C5 Awful Abrasions

C6 Cell's Threatening Position




P1 The Eyes Have It

P2 Foreboding Evidence

P7 Android 16 Smiles

P8 Yamcha’s Right Cross

P10 Planet Vegeta

P11 Goku’s Dashing Punch

R14 Android 16 the Warrior Lv4

R15 Android 17 the Energized Lv4

R16 Android 18 the Survivor Lv4

R17 Android 19 Refreshed Lv4

R18 Android 20 the Mastermind Lv4


Cell Saga- Common


13 Namekian Destruction Blast

23 Black Twin Blast

24 Saiyan Palm Blast

31 Orange Energy Deflection

34 Namekian Power Kick




62 Red Dodge

66 Blue Wrist Block

71 Krillin's Thoughts

74 Dende Dragon Ball 4

83 Ally Rescue

84 Yamcha, the Friend LV1

86 Tien, the Swift LV1

90 Android 19 LV1

97 Krillin, the Champion Lv3

103 Tien, the Quick LV2

104 Blue Straight Jab




127 Trunks, the Powerful Lv4

129 Black Style Mastery

134 Gohan, the Winner Lv5

135 Goku Lv4

136 Cell, the Master Lv5

138 Gohan, Ascendant Lv4

149 Namekian Fusion

154 Vegeta, Ascendant LV4


157 Z Warriors Gather

158 Cell’s Presence

159 Vegeta, the Revitalized Lv5

160 Goku, the All Powerful Lv5




Preview 2 Cell's Arena

Preview 5 Heroes' Battleground Limited


4 Star Personality Cards-


161 Goku, the Hero Lv1

162 Goku, the Saiyan Lv2

163 Goku, the Perfect Warrior Lv3

164 Gohan, the Champion Lv1

165 Gohan, the Swift Lv2

166 Gohan, the Mighty Lv3

167 Vegeta, the Powerful Lv1

168 Vegeta, the All Powerful Lv2

169 Vegeta, the Prince Lv3

170 Piccolo, the Warrior Lv1

171 Piccolo, the Champion Lv2

172 Piccolo, the Destroyer Lv3

173 Trunks, the Swift Lv1

174 Trunks, the Quick Lv2

175 Trunks, the Mighty Lv3

188 Cell, Stage One Lv1

189 Cell, Stage Two Lv2

190 Cell, Perfect Lv3

191 Goku, Earth’s Hero Lv3 HT

192 Gohan, Super Saiyan Lv3 HT

193 Vegeta, the Last Prince Lv3 HT

194 Piccolo, Earth’s Protector Lv3 HT

195 Trunks, Time’s Hero Lv3 HT

200 Cell, the Perfect Warrior Lv3 HT




P2 Cell’s Domination Drill

P3 Kami’s Idea

P4 He’s Safe

P5 Just Thinking

P8 Trunks Thinking

P10 Piccolo’s Fist Block

CR1 Interesting Information

CR2 Remote Control

CR3 Cell’s Choke Hold

CR4 Peekaboo!

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