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Green Wish Broly

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Alright, so I've been experimenting around with a lot of different Wish decks, in large part because of how much I've been seeing them in tournaments, as well as out of my own interest in something like the Cheelai & Lemo + A Kind Wish loop (where you use Spirited Search, SS Trunks to just play A Kind Wish every turn).

Now, while I really enjoyed the Cheelai & Lemo deck, my biggest gripe with it was just trying to find a strong end-game engine that can seal things up. Secondarily, A Kind Wish is rather slow for a Wish deck, with things like the Energy Restored Goku + Buu deck just flatly dominating it before you can get to the necessary 4 energy.
I've tried fixing that by throwing in the Broly: Br engine, and I've also tried out a Super 17 engine. Neither has really done the job yet though, so I ultimately moved away from it, and to something... Eerily similar?

Christmas (Tiny Warrior) Son Goku & Broly (or Super 17)

Dragon Balls
Dragon Ball x 6
Super Dragon Ball

Alright, I don't think any Wish deck in the game is really running the numbered balls. If they are, they probably aren't running too many of them. In my case, I decided to rock 6 of the standard Dragon Ball, but also throw in a single Super Dragon Ball which I can grab with my leader turn 2 and then use to filter my hand and drop with my combo pieces. Honestly, it is INCREDIBLY handy.

The GT-Wish Engine
Uub, Symbol of Hope x 4
Spirited Search, SS Trunks x 3
Spirited Search, Pan x 3
Super Saiyan Son Goku (GT) x 1

The main thing that's kept me in Green Wish is the GT-Wish Engine, with Uub and SS Trunks sending 3 and 2 Dragon Balls from the deck to drop respectively. This isn't the BEST Wish engine in the game, I don't think; My money is still on Blue Wish being the dominant force to be reckoned with. What it does do is let me Awaken turn 2 so long as I get Uub, Trunks or Pan in my hand (ideally, Uub AND Pan). This also lets me get maximum value out of my Dragon Radars later on, and Spirited Search, SS Trunks just keeps on giving as you get into the late-game, and he starts handing you any Desire you long for.

Newfound Power, Son Gohan x 4
Tenacious Spirit, Son Gohan x 4
Defensive Stance, SS Vegeta x 4

Alright, so I'm electing to call these two enablers just because of how annoying Pilaf's Dragon Ball search is. You basically NEED units you can drop turn 1 so that you can get the search off the next turn, and these two cards help maximize the value you get out of it. Additionally, thanks to Pilaf giving a power-boost, Tenacious Spirit, Son Gohan can actually swing into a leader early on, and maintains your hand advantage.

Endless Evolution Broly x 4
Rampaging Lifeform Bio-Broly x 4
Broly, The Rampaging Horror x 4

And then we get into the pressure plays of the deck; Evolving Broly.
To be honest, he's not the best end-game. He's sincerely got NOTHING on the Union-Absorb Buu, and he doesn't do anything to stop Swap decks and the like from just running over you. That said, he does slow these decks down a LOT, potentially sniping important cards from Blue Wish decks while giving you some board control. Secondarily, thanks to the Evolution's Double Strikes and your Awakened Leader's final effect, he can often wrap up a game.

Extra/Desire Cards
Dragon Radar x 2
World Peace x 2
A Child's Wish x 4

And finally, we have the Extra/Desire cards.
I know I'm not really taking advantage of the Green Wish desires here; to be honest, that's mostly because I don't think any of them are that good. I'm also missing out on Shocking Death Ball, and while I'm not opposed to throwing it back into the deck (drop SS Son Goku and probably World Peace), I've not really found it helpful to date. I'm keeping it in my side-board though, for those match-ups where it can really put in work.

For anyone who doesn't know though, the basic principle of this kind of Wish deck is to dump key cards into your drop and bring them back early with A Child's Wish.
So, for this deck in particular, you'd want to drop a Gohan turn 1, get a Dragon Ball Search off if you're going second (so attack), then end. Combo an Uub defensively to protect life on the opponent's turn, snipe a cost 1 if they have one out, and ditch 3 Dragon Balls (including the Super Dragon Ball if I have my combo pieces ready).
Turn 2, if my Gohan is alive, I swing and grab a Dragon Ball. Then drop a Pan/Trunks finish dropping the Dragon Balls so that you can awaken. The pro of Pan/Trunks also being that you get two swings for one with those two, giving you some early game push-back.
Alternatively, if you don't have the combo pieces, drab a Super Dragon Ball with Pilaf, play it, draw 4 ditch 2. Ideally, ditch Endless Evolution Broly and a Desires. Desires are just easy discard targets, in both this deck and the Super 17 variant, thanks to your awaken grabbing them back and SS Trunks grabbing them back.

With Endless Evolution Broly in drop, you can use your Leader to play A Child's Wish and grab him back. From there, pay a 2-3 cost to evolve him into either Bio-Brolly, or Endless Horror and make the opponent drop 2. From this point on, the comboes start to largely sort themselves out, and you can just charge any extra Endless Evolutions you draw into (or pitch them for defensive comboes).

A more consistent set-up than this though is the Super 17 engine: 4 HF17, 4 Android 17, then 2 Super 17, the Infernal Machine.
What makes this more consistent is that HF17's Union-Absorb is costless and both grabs and evolves from drop so you can combo with all of the pieces for defense and keep on going. This also gives you a lot more targets for Super Dragon Ball, and potentially much more valuable ones as Super 17 can't have his attack negated.
Android 17 can also be an incredibly valuable card, whether you're going for Endless Malice to keep the opponent's hand down, or Limitless Energy for a Barrier-Blocker. This version also has access to Hidden Feelings to re-stand HF17/A17, and I'd honestly say to throw that in there over World Peace.

So, why am I playing with the Broly Evolve Engine instead of the Super 17 engine? MOSTLY for shits and gigs, but also just because I don't like paying the 2 card discard for 17. Honestly, this discard isn't too big of a deal thanks to SS Trunks, as you can just start pitching Desires for the cost and never really go down in advantage, and if we were to try and make this deck competitive, I'd say that 17 is the way to go as it keeps your energy completely open on your power turns.

Some other tech cards for consideration though if anyone wants to take this deck for a spin:
Frieza Army Healing Pod
- Honestly, this card just generates hard advantage with this deck. Moreso if you rock it with Super 17, as HF17 grabbing him from drop will give you the draw. The longer this card is in play, the stronger it will be.
Hyper Training SS Son Goku
- This one is a card I keep going back and forth on. To be blunt, I don't like him. I don't like that he's a 2 cost with a 1 cost skill to change out for a Skill-Less Battle card. But if you're going for the Super 17 engine, this is a REALLY good card to keep the pressure up while you continue to whittle down your opponent's hand.
Pretty much any Black Dragon Ball Support.

As an aside, I want to say that the Cheelai & Lemo Wish deck just utterly dominates any deck that's not able to push for game in the first few turns. A Kind Wish stops any kind of set-up, and just neuters anything your opponent could possibly try to do. From there, you're just maintaining your hand and keeping up some form of pressure until they relent. I just don't think it's a good fit for this meta though.

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