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New DBS TCG collector trading DK in demand and other money cards

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Hello, I am a new collector ( not player ) of DBS TCG and have a stack of extra in demand cards from Destroyer Kings and some other sets / promos.   You can search my user name on reddit since I primarily buy and trade on r/mangaswap and I have my collectable stuff posted on r/DBCU

No selling , either trade for something you have or can order. You will be getting these cards for 10-15% cheaper then anyone else and I have no problem trading one or all.  I want junk commons and uncommons from every set, any rares  or shinys with main characters, ANY Vegeta and Kakarot cards.

I also will take any offer with Dragon Ball items seriously. ( figures , manga , blurays and misc. ) I have more then this but let us start small.  Please respond here or if you have reddit go to my post on r/mangaswap and comment OR email me directly with my email set up just for tcgtoptier trades vegetaofarlia@gmail.com ( set this up just for this site ) I will be shipping from Mississippi and looking forward to hear back  from you guys!

1.) Paragus the Sacrificer and the Broly set. 2.) Son Goku the adventure begins 3.) Four star DB 4.) Ultimate Absorption Majin Buu the SPR!! 5.) Broly unrealized ambition SHINY!!! 6.) A stack of preemptive strike 7.) Broly power unleashed 8.) Broly supreme berserker 9.) Paragus rampage trigger


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