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Jeez. Seems it's time again for FanZ to dust itself off and start dropping some new cards for us to theorize about, remark upon, and just generally consider.

And starting us off for this set are Vegito and the (hilariously broken) Yajirobe.

Quickly addressing my thoughts on Vegito; He seems to be re-addressing a couple of old themes in a way that I just don't quite feel. On the one side, we've got a series of Instant or Constant abilities that synergize with discard strategies. On the other, we've got what feels like a pretty direct evolution of the old Drillku MP, with attacks that focus around drill protection and searching.
Now if I'm honest, I have no idea why I'm not a fan of Vegito. He seems fine, if I'm honest, and he could probably play well in Rampaging or Dynamic. His AT stages are frankly insane, and he can ramp up damage quite quickly. I suppose it just feels like the two themes don't quite mesh, but he does open up a lot of plays as a Saiyan MP and his ability to mix and mash Saiyan themes gives a lot of freedom when building for him.

Outside of Saiyan, he's still an incredibly solid MP. He plays dangerously well with Black, has the raw oomph for Red, and really has no issues with Orange or Blue. He's an incredibly solid all-rounder, even if I'm not tasting the flavor.

Yajirobe, on the other hand...
I will preface this by saying that perhaps I'm being silly. Yajirobe has terrible AT stages, and his level 1 powers really don't seem all that great. Once he gets to Level 2, he starts to really pull his act together and generates nice hand advantage, but that's neither here nor there. What really stands out with Yajirobe is the ability to include any styled sword cards in his deck regardless of what Style you're playing, which gives him some insane combo power. I mean, heck, just shove him in Orange Adept, swing any Styled attack, and grab out Red Sword Slicing Drill to search your deck for any Sword attack. Second drill set-up can easily be Saiyan Swift Sword Drill, which makes it so literally all his sword attacks swing twice.
Now, there's always a chance that they'll add a ruling to say that you need to match the Styled attacks colour to get benefit from a Mastery, which would hurt him somewhat. They also might go ahead and nerf him so he can only include Sword attacks. Either way, it's hilarious to me that Yajirobe feels like the significantly more broken between himself and VEGITO.

What do you lot think?

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