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  2. Jeez. Seems it's time again for FanZ to dust itself off and start dropping some new cards for us to theorize about, remark upon, and just generally consider. And starting us off for this set are Vegito and the (hilariously broken) Yajirobe. Quickly addressing my thoughts on Vegito; He seems to be re-addressing a couple of old themes in a way that I just don't quite feel. On the one side, we've got a series of Instant or Constant abilities that synergize with discard strategies. On the other, we've got what feels like a pretty direct evolution of the old Drillku MP, with attacks that focus around drill protection and searching. Now if I'm honest, I have no idea why I'm not a fan of Vegito. He seems fine, if I'm honest, and he could probably play well in Rampaging or Dynamic. His AT stages are frankly insane, and he can ramp up damage quite quickly. I suppose it just feels like the two themes don't quite mesh, but he does open up a lot of plays as a Saiyan MP and his ability to mix and mash Saiyan themes gives a lot of freedom when building for him. Outside of Saiyan, he's still an incredibly solid MP. He plays dangerously well with Black, has the raw oomph for Red, and really has no issues with Orange or Blue. He's an incredibly solid all-rounder, even if I'm not tasting the flavor. Yajirobe, on the other hand... I will preface this by saying that perhaps I'm being silly. Yajirobe has terrible AT stages, and his level 1 powers really don't seem all that great. Once he gets to Level 2, he starts to really pull his act together and generates nice hand advantage, but that's neither here nor there. What really stands out with Yajirobe is the ability to include any styled sword cards in his deck regardless of what Style you're playing, which gives him some insane combo power. I mean, heck, just shove him in Orange Adept, swing any Styled attack, and grab out Red Sword Slicing Drill to search your deck for any Sword attack. Second drill set-up can easily be Saiyan Swift Sword Drill, which makes it so literally all his sword attacks swing twice. Now, there's always a chance that they'll add a ruling to say that you need to match the Styled attacks colour to get benefit from a Mastery, which would hurt him somewhat. They also might go ahead and nerf him so he can only include Sword attacks. Either way, it's hilarious to me that Yajirobe feels like the significantly more broken between himself and VEGITO. What do you lot think?
  3. Well, post the Anniversary Box and some decent moves with the banlist, I feel like this game has started to really come into it's own. With both Goku's Lineage and Wish hurting for their early game, the game has all-around become a bit slower. Decks that can generate a lot of early game advantage and pressure are still flourishing and doing wonders (Skill-less Goku, for example), but there's a lot to be said about being able to hold out defensively against these decks where it would've been much more difficult against the decks of yesterday. Trying to gauge the current state of the meta is a bit difficult for me, if I'm being honest. We've got a few highlight decks that seem to be doing well pretty consistently, including some older Leaders and combos. That said, we're also seeing a lot of rogue decks popping up all over the place. I'm not really sure if Gogeta: Br fits into the first category, or the second category anymore, or where classic Gogeta decks have started fitting in. Union-Fusion feels like a much more consistent bet in general at the moment, in no small part because of their ability to search out low cost units to build boards until they can drop their bosses. It's also worth noting that even with the loss of A Child's Wish, a lot of Wish decks are still finding ways to function perfectly fine. It's also helped to make them feel more distinct from each-other in the short term, which I personally am loving. Looking at Assault of the Saiyans, I think that might be the first box I actually buy for this game. Generally, I've been getting by with budget decks and I've not really found the need to invest heavily. But that new Gohan leader, not to mention the Broly: Second Coming decks in general, are incredibly solid and have a decent amount of support left for them from the Gotenks' days. And hey, even that Raditz deck looks moderately solid with a respectable early-game, solid mid-game, and excellent late-game. AotS might be a bit of a problem set though, admittedly. Familial Bonds is just an incredible card that fits exceptionally into most Red decks (especially if you can fit in a small collection of Four Star Ball), and the raw pressure put on the board turn 1-2 by Gohan is pretty harrowing. What are other people thinking/feeling about the game now that we're settling into a more stable environment?
  4. Odd it is still doing this. I miss the days when more people would come here to talk.
  5. Still looking into this. For some odd reason server HTTPS is incorrect. On with tech support atm.
  6. Hello, I am a new collector ( not player ) of DBS TCG and have a stack of extra in demand cards from Destroyer Kings and some other sets / promos. You can search my user name on reddit since I primarily buy and trade on r/mangaswap and I have my collectable stuff posted on r/DBCU No selling , either trade for something you have or can order. You will be getting these cards for 10-15% cheaper then anyone else and I have no problem trading one or all. I want junk commons and uncommons from every set, any rares or shinys with main characters, ANY Vegeta and Kakarot cards. I also will take any offer with Dragon Ball items seriously. ( figures , manga , blurays and misc. ) I have more then this but let us start small. Please respond here or if you have reddit go to my post on r/mangaswap and comment OR email me directly with my email set up just for tcgtoptier trades vegetaofarlia@gmail.com ( set this up just for this site ) I will be shipping from Mississippi and looking forward to hear back from you guys! 1.) Paragus the Sacrificer and the Broly set. 2.) Son Goku the adventure begins 3.) Four star DB 4.) Ultimate Absorption Majin Buu the SPR!! 5.) Broly unrealized ambition SHINY!!! 6.) A stack of preemptive strike 7.) Broly power unleashed 8.) Broly supreme berserker 9.) Paragus rampage trigger
  7. Starting to get back into the community and followed my links here to find that the site is not secure. Is there a reason for that or is it actually a problem?
  8. Set 5 is looking like a very diverse metagame with lots of viable decks. SSJ3 Goku was banned. If you were on the fence of starting up, or haven't played in awhile, now's a great time to get into the game.
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